Management Services

No matter what your health and safety management requirements may be, we have the resources and the expertise to offer the most effective solutions. From temporary or one-off projects, to medium and long-term consultancy, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

  • Professional Placements

    The Institute of Health & Safety offers a professional placement and recruitment service to its national and international clients. We use our extensive database of affiliated health and safety professionals to find and place the person with the most suitable attributes into short- and medium-term assignments.

    If you are interested in joining our database of international professionals, please click here.

  • ISO Certification

    BS OHSAS 18001 and the forthcoming ISO: 45001 set out the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety management systems. We work with clients to help them to achieve certifiable standards in order for them to impress clients and prospective clients and stand out from their competitors.

  • Incident Investigation

    Incidents provide very useful information about health and safety performance in organisations. They are indicators of successes and failures in workplaces, and must be studied carefully in order to identify their causes so that action can be taken to prevent recurrence. Incident causes almost always fall into 3 categories:

    •      Immediate causes,
    •      Underlying causes, and
    •      Root causes

    It is essential that all incident causes are identified if future prevention is to be achieved.

    We can assign one of our professional inspectors to assist in most incident/accident investigation scenarios. This will ensure that the incident circumstances are appropriately assessed and that all causes are identified, including the root causes. With all this information in hand, an action plan can be designed to avoid recurrences.

  • Fire Drills

    Fire drills must be carried out according to local and international laws. We offer a highly professional service that includes observation of fire drill performance leading to the production of a report commenting on the effectiveness of the evacuation process, and  making recommendations for any improvements that may be necessary. A Fire Drill Certificate is issued which provides evidence that the client has fulfilled his duties.

  • Project Supervision

    IHS has developed a construction health and safety management system to effectively manage construction projects and fulfil the role of health and safety advisors and Project Supervisors for all stages of a project. These are complex tasks, particularly with the many competing interests that characterise the construction industry. However, time has confirmed our success in this sector, and our clients find that the high standards of site safety that IHS encourages also have positive effects on productivity and the ability to meet deadlines.

    We have for example, worked as Project Supervisors in a number of leading construction projects in Malta including:

    •      Pembroke Gardens, Pembroke.
    •      Sky Parks, Luqa.
    •      New Actavis Factory, Bulebel.
    •      New Central Bank Annex, Valletta.
    •      Refurbishment of Valletta and Marsaxlokk Breakwaters.

  • H&S Policies

    Developing the right HSE Policy is vital for the success of any company’s health and safety management system. Policies define an organisation’s commitment to health and safety, and set the standards for its work processes. Furthermore, the H&S Policy sets out clear health and safety objectives and responsibilities for each role within the company, ensuring that employees understand what is expected of them so that they can play a full part in their organisation’s health and safety systems.

    IHS can help clients to develop a H&S Policy that is relevant to their business and which will sat aims and objectives in health and safety that will provide measurable outcomes. Clients using our service can rest assured that their policy has been designed by experienced professionals, in line with best practice, so that it will form the foundation of an effective health and safety management system.

  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures

    In the event that an emergency such as a fire occurs, or if it is necessary to evacuate a premises for any reason, organisations must have an emergency evacuation procedure in place in order to ensure that everyone can leave the premises or site safely and efficiently and gather at designated meeting points. Such procedures need to be carefully planned and routinely rehearsed in order to ensure that everyone is properly prepared for emergencies.

    The Institute of Health and Safety specialises in developing effective emergency evacuation procedures for most work environments. Given the life-or-death importance of such procedures, companies can therefore rest assured that they are well prepared to deal with an emergency situation if and when it arises.